Accident claim leads to £12k payout for injured woman

An accident claim made by one woman after she was injured in a fall has seen her recently awarded £12,000 in personal injury compensation, industry experts recently reported.

Glynis Dibden, 59 years of age, suffered a badly broken wrist when she slipped and fell in February of 2009.  The woman faced months of painful physiotherapy after her injury, only to be told that she could never regain the full use of her injured hand. As a result, Ms Dibden made a personal injury claim in March of 2010 against an accident insurance policy, but was given the run-around by the insurer for quite some time.

The injured woman was asked to submit several documents, but Ms Dibden grew worried when her passport was requested to be sent in – and the insurer insisted on not accepting photocopies. She raised a challenge to the requirement and  prevailed, with her insurer agreed to use a certified copy of her passport instead of the original

Upon a consultant assessing her condition in a recent examination, Ms Dibden was finally given her £12,000 compensation award a full three years after the incident occurred.  As a goodwill gesture for the delays, her insurer included additional payments as well.

Making an accident claim can be a much more involved process than people realise, said Ms Dibden in the wake of finally receiving her compensation payment.  She thanked everyone for their support and expressed her satisfaction at having everything resolved, as she had nearly despaired at one point in the claims process due to her insurer’s demand for so many different forms.

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