Schoolgirl makes personal injury claim for burn injuries

One schoolgirl from Leicester has made a claim for personal injury compensation after she suffered serious burn injuries in an incident at school involving spilled hot food, accident claim experts familiar with the case recently reported.

According to personal injury claims experts writing for the Leicester Mercury newspaper, as much as £12,000 could be paid out by Leicestershire County Council in the event that her claim proves successful.  An investigation conducted by the newspaper, which involved making freedom of information requests, discovered that the case is one of more than sixty claims the council has been dealing with over the past four years that deals with pupils and staff sustaining injuries at schools in the region.

Among other claims the council has been dealing with includes a schoolboy who may have lost his sight after another pupil threw sand in his face.  Another compensation claim involving eye injury is also working its way through the courts, and the injuries yet another pupil suffered after falling over an umbrella stand could cost the council as much as £18,000.

One Leicester County Council spokesperson released a statement to the press, remarking that the number of claims being made against the local authority was actually quite low when held up against other councils.  The spokesperson also stated that the council never paid out compensation on a case without confirming that it was legally liable for any injuries that had occurred.

As the compensation claims were still ongoing, the council spokesperson declined to comment further on the progress being made in determining liability.

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