HSE prosecutes poultry farm in Somerset

Work accident claim experts recently reported that the Government’s Health and Safety Executive have prosecuted a poultry farm located in Somerset in the wake of a horrific accident that cost one of the farm’s workers his arm.

According to the personal injury claims of one Mike Aubry, a twenty seven year old native of Bradninch, near Exeter, Millard Poultry Ltd had informed him to clean out one of the farm’s industrial chicken sheds located in Lower Godney, Wells.  Mr Aubry had been making use of a pressure washer that had been powered by the driveshaft of a tractor in order to complete his task when the incident occurred, Yeovil Magistrates’ Court was told, and the lack of any guarding on the driveshaft led to the farm worker being dragged into its moving parts as he moved past while undertaking his duties.

The personal injury compensation claim made by Mr Aubry detailed the life-changing and horrific injuries he sustained in the accident, leaving his arm damaged so severely that doctors had no choice but to perform an amputation upon the grievously injured man’s appendage at the scene.  The HSE’s prosecution of the poultry farm led to Millard Poultry Ltd admitting at the hearing to being in breach of health and safety at work regulations, leading to a £10,000 fine for the firm in addition to £5,000 in legal fees.

One of the HSE inspectors involved in the case spoke after the court hearing, stating that the accident could have been prevented entirely if the dangerous moving parts of the driveshaft had been guarded properly.  The inspector added that employers have a duty of care to their employees to provide a safe work environment.

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