Hotelier ordered to pay autistic chef £40k in compensation

A hotelier has been ordered to pay a former employee in excess of £40,000 in personal injury compensation after it was discovered that the worker, a chef with the vulnerable mental condition of autism, was only being paid £90 a week, work accident claim experts recently reported.

County Durham man loses arm in devastating accident at work

One County Durham man working as a grounds man for the local council lost his arm in a devastating accident at work after a piece of his clothing became entangled in a power-fed wood chipper, work accident claim experts recently reported.

Car accident claim leads to £11k compensation payout

A road accident claim made by a seriously injured grandfather from Chelmsford following being struck from his bicycle by a hit and run driver has resulted in a payout of £11,000 in personal injury compensation, legal experts recently reported.

Secretary sues no win no fee claims service for injuries

In an ironic twist of events, a no win no fee claims management firm finds themselves a defendant in a personal injury case where a secretary fell down some office stairs, suffering a broken wrist.

Equestrian enthusiasts warned against no win no fee claims

Equestrian enthusiasts such as livery yards, riding schools, and riders have all been warned against no win no fee claims, with one legal firm stating that proper liability insurance must be in place to avoid costly personal injury compensation claims.

Essex man seeks medical negligence compensation for son

One man from Essex is seeking medical negligence compensation for his son, a seven year old boy who was left with severe brain damage shortly after his birth, according to accident claim experts with knowledge of the case.

Cameraman may make work accident claim for fall from height

The Health and Safety Executive has prosecuted a film production company for the injuries suffered by a cameraman suffered from a fall from height on a movie set, with his injuries being severe enough for the injured employee to consider making a work accident claim for damages.

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