Bradford roofer wins work accident claim, awarded £70k

One roofer from Bradford injured in a fall from height while on the job recently won his work accident claim, resulting in a personal injury compensation award of £70,000, experts say.

According to accident claim experts reporting for the Bradford Telegraph and Argus newspaper, Francis Ancliffe, a twenty eight year old Wibsey native, had been working on a mill roof owned by Halifax-based Calder Brook Estates Ltd, at the time of the debilitating accident.  Mr Ancliffe fell from the roof, where he had been working without the benefit of a scaffold, and landed squarely on his feet, shattering both his heels from the impact.

Mr Ancliffe was confined to a wheelchair for a period of two months after the initial incident, which occurred in 2008.  However, the injured man to this day still requires strong pain killers in order to cope with lingering pain, and medical professionals say that even more surgical procedures may be in his future as well.

Mr Ancliff, who had been entertaining hopes of one day setting up his own roofing business prior to the incident, has seen his dreams shattered in the wake of th incident.  He has also had no choice but to give up some of his favourite hobbies, including playing rugby and football, due to the lingering affects of his injuries.

The injured man took legal advice and launched a compensation claim against the property owners, with the end result being a settlement reached out of court for £70,000.  The cash will go towards easing some of the financial burdens that he has had to endure in the wake of his accident, Mr Ancliffe said in a recent interview.

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