Woman charged £2,500 for injuries from dog attack

One woman was recently told to pay £2,500 in personal injury compensation after her dog attacked a 74 year old pensioner without provocation, even as she denied her dog’s actions just seconds after the incident, accident claim experts recently reported.

Elderly pensioner Rita Highton was attacked by 55 year old Lesley Ellis’ dog, a Hungarian Vizsla, that left the older woman in need of skin grafts to her right forearm in order to repair permanent scarring caused by the injury.  However, Ms Ellis was heard to say that it had not been her dog that had accosted Mrs Highton just moments after the attack, according to personal injury claims experts familiar with the case.

However, at a hearing at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court, Tony Green, chairman of the bench, ordered Ms Ellis to provide compensation to Mrs Highton.  Ms Ellis was also told that her actions on the day in question were ‘outrageous,’ as she expressed less concern towards the bitten woman than she did towards the future of her dog.

The large hound, which was spared an order from the court to be destroyed, had been found to be both out of control and dangerous, with Ms Ellis bearing responsibility for the incident occurring in November of 2011 at the junction of Queen Margaret’s Road and Filey Road.

Mrs Highton had been rushed to hospital in the wake of the attack, having to stanch the flow of blood through the use of a makeshift bandage applied by a taxi driver that drove her to Scarborough Hospital.  The elderly woman also needed to attend the Castle Hill Hospital in Hull to undergo skin grafts as well.

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