Disabled twin nets £2.5 million from his car accident claim

After comparing a twenty year old man to his twin brother in order to determine how much personal injury compensation he should be entitled to, the twin – disabled as the result from a road traffic accident at the age of eight – has recently been awarded £2.5 million, car accident claim experts recently reported.

Sam Boreham, who was left injured after the RTA 12 years ago, sustained devastating and permanent brain damage when the car he was traveling in struck a stationary one on the M1 motoroway.  The insurers of the driver have reached a settlement with Sam, who will receive an immediate £1.1 million lump sum payment, along with £23,000 annually for the rest of his life in order to provide for his lifetime care needs.

At the High Court hearing to determine the level of compensation due to Mr Boreham, the injured man’s legal team stated that the possibility of a settlement being reached had been prevented by an inability to determine the full extent of the injuries he suffered to his brain until Mr Boreham reached adulthood.  However, the unique nature of the case, which involved Mr Boreham’s twin brother who had emerged unscathed from the incident, gave medical professionals an exact benchmark to gauge the injured man’s development, thus making it possible to pinpoint the nature and severity of the trauma he suffered to his brain.

In related news, another individual injured in the crash also resolved her own personal battle to receive a compensation payout.  Rosie Mayes, who is now tetraplegic following the accident, was finally given an undisclosed sum understood to be in the seven figures in order to pay for her intensive care needs, experts say.

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