School fined in wake of pupil’s serious injuries

The pupil of a secondary school located in Colchester sustained severe personal injuries when a pile of timber boards fell and struck him, leading to the school being fined by the Health and Safety Executive, accident claim experts recently reported.

The anonymous schoolboy, fifteen years of age at the time of the incident, had been passing through the foyer area of the school’s technology department when he accidentally disturbed the stack of boards, causing the 300 kg stack to fall atop him, sending him to the floor and pinning one of his feet beneath their weight.  Personal injury compensation experts say the teenage pupil sustained serious harm in the accident in the form of fractures to both his left ankle and foot, with the understanding that the damage he suffered could prove to long-lasting or permanent consequences to his mobility.

The HSE investigated the incident, which had occurred at the Colchester-based Gilberd School, in Brinkley lane.  Personal injury claims experts say that the school had neglected to undertake a proper risk assessment in choosing to use the foyer to store the stack of planks.

After school officials admitted to breaching health and safety regulations at a hearing in Colchester Magistrates’ Court, the Gilberd School was told to pay a fine of £9,000.  The school was also made responsible for a total of £4.258.50 in legal fees and court costs as well.

One of the inspectors for the HSE that had been present at the hearing spoke in its wake, remarking that failing to undertake proper risk assessments leads to serious threats to safety for both students and staff at educational institutions.

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