APIL welcomes no win no fee exemption decision

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers recently welcomed a decision made by the House of Lords to offer exemptions to industrial disease victims from the no win no fee limitations in the new Legal Aid bill, experts say.

APIL chief executive, Deborah Evans, stated that the new decision was excellent news for those Brits who had been victims of industrial diseases, calling it ‘imperative’ for the Government to not overturn these crucial Legal Aid bill amendments when the House of Commons takes up the debate.  However, other injury victims that are not covered under the exemption have suffered a devastating blow, the personal injury compensation expert said, as these innocent classes of people may have had their lives completely upended through the actions of others yet will be denied access to justice under the new rules.

Ms Evans said that there are several problems with the new Legal Aid bill over and above genuine claimants losing access to justice.  Under the proposed rules in the bill, the chief executive said, those who are still permitted to claim will see their damages cut by significant amounts.

The bill is nothing but ‘a backwards step,’ Ms Evans said, as a civilised society interested in justice and morality needs to take steps to ensure the vulnerable are protected properly.  If these proposed changes become law, in the years that follow the new rules it will soon become prevalent that those innocent people who have suffered injuries and then had to suffer the indignity of having their access to justice taken away from them will have no choice but to rely upon the Government to see to their needs.

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