Personal injury lawyers bought out by new owners

One firm of personal injury lawyers has recently been purchased by new owners after going into administration following financial difficulties, accident claim experts recently reported.

Keypoint Law LLP, a law firm that has specialised in personal injury compensation claims, has been known by several names throughout its history, including Beresfords Solicitors and KP Realisations.  Douglas Smith and James Beresford, the two individuals responsible for setting up the firm initially, had been struck off after a 2008 tribunal found they were charging fees to their clients, mostly sick miners, of as much as 30 per cent in some cases.

The new owners, known as Limited, is owned in part by a former KP Realisations director named Esther Rea, according to Companies House.  Both KP Realisations and Beresfords’ main claim to fame stems from when it acted on behalf of injured miners in the area in over 83,000 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cases and in excess of 14,500 claims for vibration white finger, and in 2006 alone, Mr Smith and Mr Beresford made £23 million between the both of them.

The sale of the firm to Mysolicitor was confirmed by Bob Maxwell and Rob Sadler, Keypoint Law’s joint solicitors, adding that the sale saved 22 staff from losing their jobs.  The law firm had been placed in administration on 18 January and has since transferred its client files to its new owner, trading out of Doncaster.

One Keypoint Law spokesman remarked that the sale has seen Mysolicitor acquire the client responsibilities and assets of the legal firm, putting to rest long months of attempting to find a lasting solution in order to provide its clients with the best possible service.

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