Team building exercise leads to personal injury claim

A bank executive shattered her ankle at team building exercise recently, resulting in her launching a personal injury claim against the Guildford indoor cimbing centre where the injury occurred, accident claim experts say.

Louise Pinchbeck, an employee of Halifax/HBOS living in Cheam, had been attendance at a ‘team building day’ that had been organised by her employers when the injury leading to her personal injury compensation claim occurred.  Ms Pinchbeck, forty four years of age, had just conquered a forty foot high climbing wall at the centre before being asked to attempt climbing down a ‘bouldering wall,’ a less intimidating twelve foot climb designed to be undertaken without the benefit of a belay line or other type of safety rope.

Ms Pinchbeck’s arms had become tired as she descended the Craggy Island climbing centre’s bouldering wall, prompting her to leap down the final four to five feet to the ground.  However, she sustained compound fractures to her right ankle upon alighting upon the crash mat, leaving her not only walking with a limp but also unable to participate in running, one of her favourite activities.

The bank employee has since launched a compensation claim against the operators of the climbing centre on the grounds that Craggy Island staff had neglected to properly inform her of the hazards she could potentially face in her descent of the bouldering wall.  A London High Court hearing recently ruled that Ms Pinchbeck was found to bear one third of the responsibility for the actions she took leading up to her ankle injuries, but Craggy Island Ltd was found to be responsible for the remaining two thirds, which could lead to a total compensation payment of up to £100,000 in damages.

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