Pensioner from Somerset launches medical negligence claim

A pensioner from Somerset recently made news for launching a medical negligence claim against his general practitioner for more than one million pounds in personal injury compensation on the grounds that the GP’s inaction has left him wheelchair bound, experts say.

According to legal experts writing for the Bath Chronicle newspaper, Denzil Shawe-Lincoln, an eighty one year old pensioner from Fox Hill, in Bath, sustained serious injuries to his back in 2005 after he had become the victim of a physical assault.  However, the injuries he sustained in the assault would not have been nearly as debilitating as they were, claim his personal injury lawyers, if Mr Shawe-Lincoln had been sent to hospital for a much-needed surgical procedure in a more timely manner.

The elderly pensioner had rung up Doctor Arul Chezhiyan Neelakandan, his general practitioner, and informed him of the severe back pain he was experiencing one week after he received his injuries.  However, the GP neglected to make the house call, resulting in Mr Shawe-Lincoln’s treatment being delayed.

If the eighty one year old man had been operated upon sooner, the disabilities he now suffers from would be much reduced in severity, Mr Shawe-Lincoln’s legal team told the High Court.  However, Dr Neelakandan’s lawyers have argued against this, stating that no matter how quickly the surgical procedure had been undertaken, the elderly pensioner’s current condition could not have possibly been prevented.

The matter is still being heard in the High Court currently.

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