Car accident claim nets scooter rider £5.5 million in damages

A car accident claim made by a scooter rider from Devon has seen the injured man awarded a personal injury compensation payout of £5.5 million in order to provide for his round the clock care needs, experts say.

Personal injury claims experts writing for the Plymouth Herald newspaper recently reported that David Andrew Ireland, a native of Ivybridge, had been only sixteen years of age when a car collided with him while he rode on his scooter near his home.  The young man, now twenty one years of age, has been suffering from the effects of the incident ever since, as he has been in need of 24 hour a day care after his injuries left him with epilepsy and severe brain damage.

The young man launched the compensation claim against the insurance company of the driver that struck him, thanks to the help of his mother, Susan Palmer.  The insurers admitted liability for David’s injuries, but argued that the young man had partially been to blame for the accident, but a settlement was reached in London’s High Court where the insurers have accepted ninety five per cent liability, leading the young man to receive a compensation payment understood to be worth approximately £5.5 million.

The money, which is expected to be disbursed as a single lump sum to be followed by yearly index-linked payments, will go towards providing the specialised equipment, suitable accommodations, and daily care that the young man will need in order to function for the rest of his life.

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