HSE prosecutes Merseyside bedding company for work accident

The Health and Safety Executive has prosecuted a bedding company based in Merseyside after one of its workers lost a thumb and three fingers in a machine used to make duvets, work accident claim experts recently said.

The injured employee, a thirty two year old female worker whose name has not been released to the public, had been employed at the Blackstock Street, Liverpool factory of the Downland Bedding Company Ltd when the incident occurred, according to accident claim experts.  The woman’s hand had become trapped within the machine as she had been trying to stop a duvet from becoming tangled within its mechanisms, with her panicked cries alerted a colleague to hit the machine’s emergency stop button, say the woman’s personal injury claims.

However, the damage had already been done to the woman’s hand, as the cutting blade of the machine had severed the thumb of her right hand as well as an additional three fingers.  Emergency surgical procedures to reattach the severed digits were successful, but medical experts do not know if the woman will be able to regain the full use of her hand once her injuries heal.

The HSE investigated the grisly accident, discovering that the injured employee, whose usual role saw her operating a sewing machine at the Liverpool factory, had not been given any formal training on how to work the duvet machine.  The woman had come to be involved because she had come to the aid of some colleagues at the time of the accident, the HSE also found.

As a result of their role in the woman’s injuries, Downland Bedding Company Ltd was given a fine of £7,000 after they admitted to being in breach of health and safety regulations at a hearing in Liverpool Magistrates’ Court.  The Liverpool-based firm was also told to pay £5,879 in court costs as well, experts say.

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