Car accident claim leads to £11k compensation payout

A road accident claim made by a seriously injured grandfather from Chelmsford following being struck from his bicycle by a hit and run driver has resulted in a payout of £11,000 in personal injury compensation, legal experts recently reported.

Great Waltham native Jack Dixon, fifty nine years old, had been cycling home when he was victimised by a hit and run driver.  According to Mr Dixon’s personal injury claims, he was struck when a driver  had attempted to avoid a set of temporary traffic lights that had been installed in the village on Broomfield Road by making a sharp left turn.

In a recent interview with reporters for the Brentford Weekly News newspaper, Mr Dixon recounted how the front wheel of his bicycle was knocked clean off in the collision with the other vehicle, which sent him careering onto the road.  The fifty nine year old grandfather was left with both a dislocated shoulder and a fractured shoulder blade as a result of the crash, the newspaper reported.

The driver of the car immediately fled the scene of the accident.  However, a witness to the incident set off in pursuit of the vehicle, managing to take down the registration number of the hit and run driver.

Mr Dixon launched a compensation claim against the insurance company that covered the driver and was given a damages award of £11,000 for his pain and suffering once the insurer accepted liability for his injuries.  The man informed the newspaper that he was quite grateful to the member of the public that pursued the driver in order to take down the car’s details, as the Good Samaritan’s actions made it possible to track down the driver.

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