Secretary sues no win no fee claims service for injuries

In an ironic twist of events, a no win no fee claims management firm finds themselves a defendant in a personal injury compensation case where a secretary fell down some office stairs, suffering a broken wrist.

No win no fee accident claims service firm Quantum, which provides help for those in need of making work accident claims against their employers, has been named as a defendant by Rose Clark, the 56 year old Aberdeen native and employee of the company who suffered an injury on the job in March of 2007.  Mrs Clark’s injuries were so severe that it was necessary for her to have plates surgically fitted within her wrist to facilitate her recovery from the fall, which she claims is the fault of her employer, as the staircase lacked adequate banisters and was too steep and narrow. She is asking for a £13,500 compensation award from Quantum at Edinburgh’s Court of Session.

Mrs Clark, who told the court that she was left ‘in mortal agony’ after the fall, and barely able to speak once she regained her feet, recounted how the colleague who discovered her in the wake of the injury suspected the woman had broken her neck due to the way she was lying at the bottom of the staircase.  The offices were visited in the wake of the accident by a council inspector, discovering that one of its steps had been loose at the time of the incident.

Quantum argued that the injured woman might have suffered the fall by one of her high-heel shoes catching on a trouser leg.  However, Mrs Clark rebutted the assertion, stating that she would have undoubtedly known if that was the cause of her fall.

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