Essex man seeks medical negligence compensation for son

One man from Essex is seeking medical negligence compensation for his son, a seven year old boy who was left with severe brain damage shortly after his birth, according to accident claim experts with knowledge of the case.

A recent article in the Cambridge News newspaper has reported that the young boy, which is referred to in court documents only as ‘AJY,’ had been born in Cambridge’s Rosie Hospital, yet as a result of inadequate feeding, the infant had developed low blood sugar, or hypoglycaemia, shortly after his birth. AJY then began to suffer from seizures, necessitating his treatment with medication designed to prevent convulsions, and was put on a ventilator eventually, personal injury claims experts writing for the paper explained.

Due to the hypoglycaemia, the boy had suffered abnormal brain changes, according to medical tests that were undertaken after the incident. ┬áIn the wake of the boy’s injuries, he is now in need of 24 hour a day care, and the likelihood of him ever gaining the ability to lead an independent life or even speak is quite low.

In the wake of this news, the boy’s father has launched a medical negligence compensation claim against the NHS Trust of the hospital on behalf of his son. The man says that the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust needs to be held responsible for the Rosie Hospital’s medical staff neglecting to take appropriate action to deal with his young child’s condition.

While the Trust has admitted liability for the injuries suffered by the young boy, an agreement has yet to be reached in regards to how much compensation he should receive.

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