Woman falls down lift shaft, launches accident claim

A young mother in her twenties sustained severe spinal injuries after taking a spill down a Range store’s lift shaft located in Colchester and has decided to launch an accident claim in the aftermath.

According to personal injury compensation experts writing for the Braintree and Witham Times newspaper, the unnamed woman, had been shopping at the Cowdray Avenue store with her son, a ten month old child in a trolley.  The young mum summoned the lift and took a step backwards, expecting to find the lift platform under her feet, only to discover that its doors had opened prematurely, sending both her and her infant son to drop to the ground floor through the open lift shaft.

The young boy luckily escaped serious injuries and was discharged from the Colchester General Hospital later that day with heavy bruising.  However, his mother was not nearly as lucky, as according to her personal injury claims she suffered fractures to her spine and still remains in hospital.

In the wake of her serious injuries, the young mother, with the aid of her fiancé, has brought a claim against the store, which has been assisting with the investigation but has yet to accept liability for the incident.   A Range spokesperson said that the store was working in close concert with both the Colchester Council and the Health and Safety Executive in order to discover the root cause of the injuries sustained by the woman and her young son.

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