Pensioner slips at Tesco, wins four figure accident claim

After a pensioner slipped on a wet floor at Tesco and suffered a broken bone in his foot, the eighty year old man has won his accident claim against the supermarket giant, being awarded a personal injury compensation sum thought to be in the four figures, experts say.

Ronald Fryer, eighty years of age, had been shopping at his local Tesco branch in Worcester when he injured his foot after slipping on the wet floor, according to personal injury claims experts writing for the Worcester Standard newspaper.  Mr Fryer, who was then rushed to the Worcestershire Royal Hospital after the fall, discovered that he had suffered a metatarsal fracture, a foot injury that is normally encountered by athletes and footballers.

The pain that the eighty year old man experienced was ‘unbearable,’ according to his interview in the newspaper.  In fact, the only thing he could compare it to is an injury he sustained more than four decades ago in his own footballing days, when he had no choice but to hang up his boots following a badly timed tackle.  Mr Fryer claimed against Tesco for compensation and prevailed, winning an amount that has not been made public but is understood to be in the neighbourhood of four figures.

The supermarket giant had neglected its duty of care by leaving the wet floors of its Worcester branch accessible to customers, said one representative from Mr Fryer’s legal team.  As a result, Tesco agreed to pay a suitable compensation figure as a result, though when approached for comment, the supermarket chain declined to comment on the incident other than to admit that there was indeed an incident that occurred at the store in question.

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