Medical negligence claim nets girl millions in compensation

One medical negligence claim has seen a ten year old girl from Northamptonshire severely disabled at birth win a personal injury compensation award in the multi-millions.

According to accident claim experts writing for the Northampton Chronicle newspaper, the Dodford, Daventry girl, Hannah Louise Gudd, had suffered from oxygen deprivation during her Northampton General Hospital delivery.  As a result of being starved of oxygen, Hannah can neither eat solid foods, nor can she see, due to her cerebral palsy.

Emma Gudd, the girl’s mother, launched a medical negligence claim against the hospital on behalf of her daughter on the grounds that NGH staff acted negligently, leading the devastating injuries suffered by Hannah.  The hospital has since admitted their role in Hannah’s pain and suffering, with London’s High Court agreeing on a settlement to be paid to the ten year old and her family to provide for her long-term care needs for the rest of her life.

Hannah’s family will receive a £1.15 million lump sum payment under the settlement, while every year thereafter they will be given tax free and index linked payments of £135,000 per annum over the next seven years.  Then, starting in 2019, Hannah’s payments will increase to a total of £225,000 a year until her death.

In the aftermath of the court hearing at the High Court in London, Hannah’s mother and father said that they were relieved that the legal action is finally over and done with.  Her parents added that they were grateful to have the funds needed to provide for Hannah’s ongoing needs, as the ten year old requires around the clock care in order to function.

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