Hampshire family launches £300k motor accident claim

A family from Hampshire recently launched a motor accident claim for the injuries sustained by a young schoolboy after he was knocked down by a car, with the boy’s parents seeking in excess of £300,000 in personal injury compensation, experts say.

Troy Brooks, eleven years of age, had been trying to cross Hampton Lane after leaving Blackfield Junior School so he could meet his mother when he was involved in the traffic collision. In the wake of the RTA, young Troy was rushed to the Southampton General Hospital for treatment, regaining consciousness after ten days in a coma only to discover that he had been left with permanent brain damage from a bleed on the brain, according to the family’s personal injury claims.

An article recently appearing in the Daily Echo newspaper reported that Troy’s family has made a claim against the Fawley native Sophie Lennards, the nineteen year old driver of the vehicle, for negligence by exceeding the speed limit and for not taking steps to avoid the collision.  Rona Brooks, Troy’s forty four year old mother, said in an interview with the newspaper that the family’s life was completely destroyed by the accident, and that their existence had been ‘worse than a nightmare’ ever since.

If successful in their compensation claim, the Brooks family could stand to receive a substantial damages award for not only young Troy’s pain and suffering but to provide for the child’s medical needs for the foreseeable future as a result of the injuries he sustained in the traffic collision.

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