Teenage girl injured on the job, may make accident claim

One teenage girl injured while working as a cookery assistant may make a work accident claim for the terrible burns she sustained to her hand after she tripped and plunged it into a deep fat fryer, personal injury claims experts recently reported.

Northampton native Hannah Faulkes, sixteen years old, had been working at the Super Sausage café in St Andrews Road as a cookery assistant one Saturday when she tripped in the kitchen, with the end result being that her hand was plunged into the boiling oil contained within a deep fat fryer, according to accident claim experts writing for the Northampton Chronicle and Echo newspaper.

As a result of the accident, Hannah sustained severe burn injuries to her arm and hand.  Northampton Borough Council was made aware of the incident and launched an investigation into the café, discovering that not only had the teenage girl not been given any health and safety training, but that the firm had neglected to report any staff injuries that occurred.

The owner of the café, Paul Bacon, a native of Far Cotton, Northampton and  fifty six years of age, was called before a hearing at Northampton Magistrates’ Court, where he admitted to breaching health and safety regulations not once but three times.  Mr Bacon was given a fine of £5,000, while his company was fined an additional £10,000 for the teenage girl’s injuries.

In the aftermath of the court hearing, Christine Kellerman, Hannah’s mother, remarked that the physical injuries her daughter had sustained may have healed, but the psychological damage she suffered in the incident have had far-reaching consequences for her daughter and the rest of her family.

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