Brain damaged boy receives massive compensation award

One brain damaged four year old, who sustained his injuries after complications arose during his delivery four years ago, has recently received a massive £10 million personal injury compensation award from the NHS, accident claim experts recently reported.

According to medical negligence experts reporting for the Kent Messenger newspaper, Maidstone native William James David Scotton is in need of around the clock care for the indefinite future due to the catastrophic injuries he sustained during his delivery at the Maidstone Hospital.  Tracy Scotton, the boy’s mother, launched the claim against the NHS Trust for Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells hospitals on behalf of her son, claiming that her son’s injuries are the result of medical staff making mistakes both before William’s birth and during it.

William’s long list of maladies, which include epilepsy, blindness, quadriplegia, and severe brain damages, resulted in the High Court of London approving a compensation package that is understood to be worth approximately £10 million.  The NHS trust, after admitting full and complete responsibility for the incident, entered into an agreement to pay a lump sum of £2.6 million to William’s family, to be followed by anywhere between £89,000 to £212,000 a year in annual payments in order to cover the massive costs associated with the young boy’s long term care needs.

Mrs Scotton, which gave an interview to the newspaper in the wake of the hearing, stated that she was relieved that not only was the case over but that the future of her son was now guaranteed.

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