Berkshire man seeks £300k in road accident claim

One man from Berkshire has made a road accident claim for £300,000 after he sustained severe personal in jury when the car in which he was travelling collided with a wall, personal injury compensation experts recently reported.

Tilehurst, Reading native Steven Whitcher, thirty two years of age, had been riding in his friend Christopher Harwood’s Vauxhall Vectra as Mr Harwood drove the vehicle along the A340 near Theale, according to a recent article appearing in the Reading Post.  As the vehicle drew close to a T-junction, a car crossed Mr Harwood’s path, forcing him to take steps to avoid colliding with it and leading the driver to lose control of the car, sending it careering into a wall, according to Mr Witcher’s personal injury claims.

The collision left Mr Whitcher, who had been riding in the front passenger seat at the time, with severe injuries including a dislocated knee and a fractured right leg.  The thirty two year old man has also been diagnosed with a psychological condition known as travel anxiety, and is currently being treated for the illness by a cognitive behavioural therapist.

Mr Whitcher has also launched a personal injury compensation claim against the driver of the other car that caused the accident, Patrick Llewelyn-Davies, claiming that if the other driver had been acting with due care, the  incident would have never occurred.  Mr Llewelyn-Davies’ insurance providers have since admitted liability for Mr Whitcher’s injuries, but the total compensation award to be paid to the injured man has yet to be settled upon, experts say.

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