Merseyside mother considers claim on behalf of daughter

One mother from Merseyside is considering an accident claim for the injuries her five year old daughter sustained when she fell while on the playground, personal injury compensation experts recently reported.

Amanda Rood, thirty two years of age, said in a recent interview in the Liverpool Echo newspaper that Ellie-May, her five year old daughter, had fallen at the Ravenscroft Primary School’s playground during lunchtime, shattering her arm in two places.  According to accident solicitor experts writing for the newspaper, the young girl had to suffer through what seemed like endless hours of surgery in order to repair her ruined elbow and damaged bone, with Ellie-May’s mother having been informed by hospital staff that the five year old girl could face a complete recovery time of anywhere from five to six years before she would be able to regain full use of her arm, since the girl’s injuries were so severe.

A Kirby native, Ms Rood is now thinking about seeking legal advice against her daughter’s school.  The thirty two year old mother feels that there was not adequate supervision for the children during their lunchtime break, and taking into account the young age of the children, Ms Rood feels that this constitutes negligence on the part of the school.

When Knowlsey Council was approached for comment by the newspaper, a spokesman did confirm that an accident had occurred at the school, and that there was a full investigation into the incident currently taking place.  Meanwhile, the injured Ellie-May, whose entire left arm is completely swathed in plaster, will not be returning to her lessons for at least four weeks.

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