Pedestrian struck and run over by bus, makes claim

One pedestrian, after being struck and run-over by a bus, suffered serious injuries from being trapped beneath the wheels of the bus, according to the details of his accident claim.

Allister Reid, thirty three years old at the time of the accident, needed emergency treatment at the Royal Alexandra Hospital after his run-in with the vehicle, personal injury lawyers familiar with the case recently said.  Mr Reid suffered serious injuries to his leg and arm in the accident in addition to fractures to his skull, with all the injuries leaving him in hospital for more than a week as doctors implanted metal pins and plates into his extremities, leaving Mr Reid unable to walk without the use of a walking stick.

In a recent interview with the Paisley Daily Express newspaper, the injured man stated that everyday tasks have become much more difficult in the wake of the incident that left him so severely injured.  In fact now Mr Reid needs to relay on the help of others for many things he was able to do by himself prior to his injuries.

Mr Reid has since made a personal injury claim against Key Bus and Coach Ltd, the operator of the bus that struck him.  The thirty three year old is seeking compensation for the pain and suffering as a result of the collision with the bus.

While a Key Coaches spokesperson declined the opportunity to comment on the incident, as it was now being handled by their insurance company, other reports have emerged that one of the passengers on the bus at the time of the incident, a fifty three year old woman, was rushed to hospital due to difficulty breathing and may have sustained a broken arm as well.

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