Self-employed farm worker injured in fall from height

One self-employed farm worker was injured on the job in a fall from height of nearly five metres when he plummeted through the roof of a shed, work accident claim experts recently reported.

According to personal injury claims specialists familiar with the incident, Blisland, Cornwall native James Best, twenty four years of age, had been working at a job involving the removal of fibre cement sheets from the roof of a shed located at Washaway’s Martin Dairy Ltd, near Bodmin, when the fall from height occurred.  Mr Best fell when the fragile roof gave way beneath his feet, sending him nearly five metres down to the floor beneath him, a solid concrete slab, where he sustained severe injuries including a damaged eye socket, a broken arm, and a broken jaw.

Fibre cement roofs are well known for their fragile nature and how they are not designed to support the weight of a person, according to documents presented at a hearing at Bodmin Magistrates’ Court where the Government’s Health and Safety Executive prosecuted Martin Dairy Ltd.  The HSE’s investigators had found that there had been no assessment of the fragile shed roof’s condition before demolition work was started and that the legal requirement of a written plan of works had not been met.

The St Mabyn-based Martin Dairy Ltd admitted to breaching regulations controlling work at height, leading the company to be fined £4,000.  Martin Dairy was also told to pay a total of £1,033 in court costs as well.

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