Lincolnshire man makes £300k motorcycle accident claim

One Lincolnshire man has made a motorcycle accident claim for the sum of £300,000 following the severe personal injuries he suffered in a RTA, experts say.

Tasman Close, Spalding native Melvyn Bottom, fifty two years of age, had been riding his silver Honda Goldwing motorbike in Peterborough, near Oundle, on the A605, when he was struck by a blue van.  The driver of the van, Warmington native David Borrett, pulled out of a side road into Mr Bottom’s path, according to the motorcyclist’s personal injury claims.

Mr Bottom sustained severe injuries to his wrist, back, and head in the injury.  The fifty two year old also claims to have sustained psychological damage in the incident as well.

Both the van and the motorcycle suffered serious damage in the incident, with the A605 having to be closed for one-half hour as investigators conducted an inspection of the scene before the wreckage was cleared from the roadway.  Mr Borett’s insurance providers have admitted liability for the incident, but both parties have yet to reach an agreement as to how much damages the injured motorcyclist should be entitled to receive.

A neurosurgeon, a clinical psychologist, a spinal surgeon, and an orthopaedic surgeon have all given evidence to the High Court in London regarding Mr Bottom’s injuries.  However, additional medical evidence is still to be heard on account of the severity of fifty two year old man’s injuries.

Injury experts say that Mr Bottom could very well receive nearly all of the £300,000 that he is claiming, if the remainder of the evidence supports such a high sum.  Damages could cover not only his pain and suffering but the cost of any long-term care he may need and for missed work as well.

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