South Yorkshire Police involved in more than a thousand RTAs

Vehicles owned and operated by the South Yorkshire Police Authority have been involved in more than 1,000 RTAs over a period of three years, car accident claim experts recently reported.

According to a recent article in the Sheffield Telegraph newspaper, police have had to pay out nearly £750,000 in personal injury compensation due to injuries sustained in the collisions.  More than 200 people were injured in these incidents, the newspaper also reported.

A police spokesperson remarked that from a statistical standpoint the accident rate was actually quite minimal, especially when compared to the amount of time police personnel spend within their vehicles.  Nearly twelve million miles are driven every year by the force’s 750 vehicles, which include dog cars and vans, crime scene investigation vehicles, and rapid response cars.

Bob Dyson, South Yorkshire’s Temporary Chief Constable, remarked that police officers were given exhaustive training behind the wheel in order to respond swiftly and safely to an emergency.  However, accidents still happen on occasion due to the nature of police work, Mr Dyson added.

The police authority also has their own internal claim fund, the temporary chief constable went on to say.  This fund was used to provide compensation to anyone involved in a road traffic accident with a police vehicle through no fault of their own.

There are two investigations currently underway for alleged motoring offences committed by police officers involved in the incidents.  Four police drivers have already been subject to disciplinary hearings for their roles in accidents, sources say.

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