Playground injury leads to £7.5k accident claim payout

One Suffolk schoolboy recently won a personal injury compensation payout of £7,500 on his accident claim following a playground incident that left him with serious injury to his head, it was recently reported.

Queensway, Haverhill native Jamie Griffin, ten years of age, had been playing at the Burton End Primary School playground with some friends when he lost his grip on a climbing frame and fell almost two metres to concrete slabs directly below him.  According to the young schoolboy’s personal injury claims, he fractured his skull in the incident and suffered a bleed to the brain, injuring himself so severely that he missed two and a half months of schooling as he recovered.

Jamie’s mother, Debbie, launched a claim for compensation to safeguard other children from the same fate that befell her son, who now faces increased risks for the development of epilepsy as a result of his head injury.  However, in a recent interview with the Haverhill Weekly News newspaper, the mother said that she held no blame towards the school for the injuries her son sustained.

The council had neglected to comply with the requirement for the provision of impact absorbent surfaces underneath the climbing frame, according to the Health and Safety Executive.  The HSE investigated the incident, leading to its prosecution of Suffolk County Council for several breaches of health and safety regulations at a wide range of locations and the council being fined nearly £50,000.

Significant steps have been taken by the council to improve conditions across the entire region, according to a Suffolk County Council spokesperson.  The representative also apologised on behalf of the council for the pain and suffering of those affected by the health and safety shortcomings.

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