RTA rates decline on Scotland’s roads with safety cameras

Roads in Scotland that have been fitted with safety cameras have experienced a 63 per cent reduction in  RTA rates, recently revealed figures show.

This is good news for insurers coping with increased personal injury claims, as the accident claim industry has been plagued with an increased number of expensive cases driving up insurance premiums.  The cameras, which were enforced between 2008 and 2010, were also instrumental in reducing the number of motorists and passengers involved in collisions where personal injury occurred by 49 per cent.

Red light and speed cameras are used on roads and intersections in Scotland to act as an encouragement for motorists to drive with increased care and caution under the Scottish Safety Camera Programme.  The programme’s figures were made public last month when Stewart Maxwell, MSP for West Scotland, raised a Parliamentary Question, with Mr Maxwell remarking that the programme has had a positive effect on reducing the number of injuries occurring on roads in Scotland and acting as a force for preserving life throughout the country.

The West Scotland MSP said that costs associated with even a slight accident on Scottish roads is £20,000 on average, with serious and fatal accidents costing around £205,000 and £1.85 million respectively.  With the 2011-2012 Safety Camera Programme’s allocated budget of £4.6 million, every three fatal accidents prevented by safety cameras pay for the entire programme for the entire year, Mr Maxwell added, though he was quick to also say that there is no price too dear to pay for safety on Scotland’s roads.

In addition to the costs saved by the presence of safety cameras, valuable health and police resources are also saved with every accident prevented by the programme, commented Mr Maxwell.

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