Son of deceased makes accident claim against Network Rail

After his elderly parents were killed in a train collision when their car was at a level crossing, one man has made an accident claim against Network Rail for the deaths of his mother and father.

Both aged eighty one in September of 2009, the man’s parents, Mr and Mrs MacKay, in addition to his sixty six year old uncle, were slain at an unmanned and gate free level crossing when a Network Rail train struck it, personal injury compensation experts for the Rail Accident Investigation Bureau report.  The RAIB also said that Network Rail had a flawed understanding of the risks that accompanied the crossing in question, especially in light of a previous fatal accident at the site.

The Bureau’s report found that there were various suggestions made in order to improve level crossing safety, yet risk assessments were not carried out properly, leading to a delay in the implementation of safety measures.  Now, in the wake of the report, the elderly couple’s son has decided to make a personal injury claim against Network Rail in an effort to bring more awareness to level crossing safety issues.

The tragic death of Mr MacKay’s parents and uncle could have been prevented, according to legal documents, if Network Rail had simply followed the suggestions of the Bureau report.  Moreover, Mr MacKay is claiming that the rail company was negligent in failing to realise that the level crossing was inherently dangerous, as evidenced by the previous incidents that had occurred on the site, including the fatal one.

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