Former soldier pursues £400k accident claim for paintball injury

A former solder is pursuing a £400,000 accident claim for an injury he received during a paintball game where he lost the ability to see in one of his eyes after being shot in the face, personal injury compensation experts recently reported.

Police worker paid £120k in compensation… for ‘bruise?’

The West Midlands Police came under fire recently after it was revealed that one of its workers was given a £120,516 personal injury compensation award for what has been referred to as a ‘bruise.’

Injured police receive £12m in personal injury compensation

Work accident claims made by police officers injured in the line of duty have resulted in more than £12 million in personal injury compensation awards, according to a recent freedom of information request.

Phones4U worker launches £300k work accident claim

A former employee of Phones4U has launched a £300,000 work accident claim against her employer after she sustained serious personal injuries while on the job, accident claim experts recently reported.

Paralysed woman pursues medical negligence compensation

One woman paralysed from the waist down in the wake of a botched surgical procedure, is pursuing medical negligence compensation to the sum of £300,000 from Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, according to accident claim experts familiar with the case.

Car accident claim leads to £4 million payout for cyclist

The car accident claim made by a cyclist for the injuries he sustained after a hit and run driver knocked him from his bicycle has led to a £4 million personal injury compensation payout, industry experts recently reported.

Study warns that legal aid cuts will backfire badly

Proposed cuts to the legal aid bill of £240 million could backfire badly as the move would lead to unbudgeted costs of at least £139 million as the burden of those unable to pursue accident claims is absorbed by other departments, a recent research study found.

Burnley skip worker wins £175k work accident claim

One skip worker from Burnley has recently won his work accident claim and has been given a £175,000 personal injury compensation award for the injuries he sustained to his had when a skip fell on it, crushing it, experts say.

High medical negligence claims drain NHS coffers

The National Health Service’s coffers have been drained by an increase in the volume and value of medical negligence claims, resulting in the NHS Litigation Authority has received additional funding of £185 million in order to defend the claims.

Playground injury leads to £7.5k accident claim payout

One Suffolk schoolboy recently won a personal injury compensation payout of £7,500 on his accident claim following a playground incident that left him with serious injury to his head, it was recently reported.

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