Those suffering asbestos injuries in NI will now have recourse

Accident claim experts recently reported that those who have suffered from asbestos-related injuries such as pleural plaques in Northern Ireland will now have legal recourse thanks to new legislation, according to Finance Minister Sammy Wilson.

Injured woman requests her car accident claim to be re-opened

Even after she received a £12,500 personal injury compensation award for an accident in which she received serious injuries to her head, one Lancashire woman has requested that her car accident claim case be re-opened.

Medical negligence solicitors win London woman compensation

Medical negligence solicitors for one London woman have been victorious in making sure the woman, who had been subject to a botched cosmetic procedure, will receive a substantial sum in personal injury compensation, experts recently reported.

Make work accident claims if you want to avoid further harm

If you’re injured at work, you should make a work accident claim if you want to avoid further harm in the future, one leading personal injury compensation specialist recently remarked.

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