Supermarket investigates accident claim, infuriates worker

One injured worker expressed her shock and anger after recently learning her employers investigated her work accident claim by sending a private detective to spy on her, personal injury claims experts recently reported.

Irene Heslop, an bakery assistant employed by Asda supermarkets, had been in the store warehouse when she slipped on a broken egg, sustaining a serious injury to her back in the result.  However, as she was recovering from her injuries, the retailer employed a private detective to film the grandmother of two in order to determine the veracity of her accident claim.

Upon suffering her injuries, Mrs Helsop found herself no longer able to lift heavy equipment or walk long distances.  As a result, she approached her employers to assume lighter duties so she could return to work, but her bosses informed her that nothing was available for her to do.  However, the 65 year old woman was spied upon not once but twice by a private detective sent by Asda in order to film her clandestinely as she went about her daily business.

While Mrs Helsop was eventually awarded a £27,000 personal injury compensation award for her loss of earnings and her injuries, she had no knowledge of the surveillance that had been carried out upon her until it was presented in court as evidence against her.  The 65 year old grandmother said that she couldn’t believe her eyes upon viewing the footage, and that it left her both feeling numb and sick to have her privacy invaded in such a manner.

Mrs Heslop, who worked for Asda for a period of seven years before her injuries precluded her from returning to work, said it was hurtful to know the supermarket chain suspected her of lying.  She was even more heartbroken to learn that they did not even informing her of the existence of the surveillance, instead letting her discover it during the course of the legal proceedings.

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