Builder nearly slain by live electricity cable

One builder employed by Wainhomes was nearly slain on a Wigan building site by a live electricity cable upon cutting into it, accident claim experts recently reported.

The contractor, a forty two year old man who asked to remain unnamed, had been working on the refurbishment of an old farm when he was almost killed in the farm’s cellar by the live cable.  Administered an electric shock of 230 volts, the worker was knocked unconscious as he was thrown across the room, leaving him with serious psychological ailments as a result, according to his personal injury claims.

The Health and Safety Executive investigated the incident, discovering that the injured man, who may be making a work accident claim against Wainhome Ltd, had been incorrectly informed that the cable had been isolated and that there was no electricity running through it.  Moreover, the HSE also found in the course of their investigation that the electric cables had been labeled a danger before the project commenced in the building plan, and that a digger had also struck a gas main prior to the inception of the project as well.

Wainhome Ltd neglected to ensure the cables were without power, according to the HSE’s prosecution, which led the firm to admit breaching the health and safety regulations regarding construction.  The company was ordered to pay an £8,000 fine for the incident, with an additional £2,095 in legal fees after it had neglected to ensure that its workers were working in a safe environment by checking the location of both the electrical and gas lines.

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