Leeds man wins work accident claim for injured hand

One man from Leeds has recently won his work accident claim after permanently injuring his hand with a £10,250 personal injury compensation settlement, injury experts recently reported.

Rothwell native Craig Dunwell, 43 years of age, needed to undergo a surgical procedure in order to remedy nerve damage done to his right hand in the wake of suffering a deep cut as he attempted to fit a flue to Fluestax Ltd at its school located in Tingley, according to the man’s personal injury claims.  Mr Dunwell’s employer had had the flue constructed to solve a temporary problem, yet Mr Dunwell had not received a warning that one of the flue’s edges had not been smoothed down but was in fact dangerously sharp.

The nerve to Mr Dunwell’s little finger was severed in the accident, leading him to miss three weeks of work as a result.  To this day, he still reports difficulties while trying to work with his hands due to the debilitating nerve injury.

The GMB, Mr Dunwell’s union, instructed its legal team to pursue a compensation claim on behalf of the injured worker.  The case was pursued, arguing that the edges of the flue should have been made safe and that protective gloves suitable for the task should have been provided to the 43 year old man.

After an admission of liability, Fluestax Ltd reached an out of court settlement with Mr Dunwell for a sum of £10,250.  Now working as a steel industry welder after Fluestax made him redundant, Mr Dunwell said that he finds it difficult to use his finger as a result of his injury, and while he has learned how to cope, the finger is numb after the end of a working day.

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