Injured man wins massive personal injury compensation claim

One 29 year old man who was seriously brain damaged during his birth has recently won a massive personal injury compensation claim for his birth complications on the grounds of medical negligence, legal experts recently reported.

Born in 1981, Christopher Webb suffered such severe brain damage at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton during his birth that he was rendered unable to communicate in any other manner than by moving his eyes, personal injury claims experts say.  However, it was more than 20 years before the negligence of hospital staff was acknowledged before Christopher had found a way to indicate to Anne, his mother, what he had discovered from watching a television programme.

Now, in the wake of Christopher’s family seeking legal advice after perusing his medical records, a senior judge for the High Court has placed his approval on a substantial compensation award for the injured man after the NHS Trust responsible for the hospital made the admission of liability.  West Midlands NHS Trust has not made the amount of his compensation a matter of public record, but industry experts estimate as much as £9 million in damages is likely based on the settlement amounts awarded in cases with similar occurrences.

Christopher’s mother had given birth to him through in December of 1981 in an emergency Caesarean section.  However, the procedure was delayed significantly, resulting in catastrophic injuries suffered to Christopher’s brain due to long-term oxygen deprivation.

This led to Christopher’s cerebral palsy diagnosis, which has necessitated round the clock care from both Anne and his father Michael.  Christopher also needs to spend a large proportion of his time at Dudley’s Queen Cross Day Centre as well, the court was told.

In the wake of the settlement, a West Midlands NHS Trust representative said that there can be nothing he could possibly say that could erase the grievous error that led to Christopher’s debilitating condition.  However, the representative added that Christopher and his family are fully entitled to a complete and abject apology for his condition and the pain and suffering he has endured all of his life.

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