Paralysed car technician launches motor accident claim

After he was left with paralysis from the neck down from an RTA involving a high performance vehicle, one car technician is launching a motor accident claim against his former employers, experts say.

Stephen Harris, thirty one years of age, had been working at the Maidstone, Kent Ferrari Centre as a car technician when he lost control of the Ferrari 348 TS that he had been test driving, careering into another vehicle in the process.  While the other vehicle’s occupant emerged from the incident relatively unscathed, Mr Harris sustained severe injuries which left him in need of 24 hour a day care due to being paralysed, according to his personal injury claims.

Now, the injured former car technician is launching a personal injury compensation claim against the Ferrari Centre on the basis that they were negligent by permitting him to conduct test drives on the open road in such a high performance vehicle.  Mr Harris also states that Roger Collingwood, his former boss, had told the injured man to ensure the Ferrari was running smoothly by taking the car up to 100 mph.

When approached for comment, Mr Collingwood denied any and all negligence in regards to Mr Harris’ injuries.  He also remarked that every employee of the Ferrari Centre were always given instructions to remain in complete compliance with the rules of the road, which included to never exceed any speed limits set by the Government.

Personal injury experts report that the case is understood to be heard by the courts sometime after the New Year.

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