Protester nets £14k in compensation from police

A protester is set to receive more than £14,000 in personal injury compensation from the Metropolitan police force after the protester sustained a broken arm in a recent demonstration.

According to Kelly Minio-Paluello’s accident claims, the twenty nine year old sustained a badly broken arm when police forcibly removed her from a protest outside the gates of the Kensington, West London Israeli Embassy.  London’s High Court heard how a police officer first twisted Ms Minio-Paluello’s arm behind her bank before pulling upwards in an attempt to drag the woman onto her feet as she protested against Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people.

Personal injury solicitors for the Metropolitan police force attempted to make the argument that there was a legal rationale for using force against the protesting woman, claiming that the level of force employed against her was both proportionate and reasonable.  However, the High Court rejected this claim, deciding instead that the force exerted on Ms Minio-Paluello was not only completely avoidable but ‘obviously dangerous’ as well, as the protestor suffered a serious injury as a result of her handling at the hands of the police officer.

The twenty nine year old woman still has less mobility in the joint of her left shoulder than she did before the incident, resulting in impeding her ability to engage in activities such as climbing and swimming to the same degree she was able to prior to the incident.  Ms Minio-Paluello, who was awarded the sum of £14,303 for her injuries at the hands of the police officer, also states that the incident has left her traumatised.

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