Medical negligence solicitors win London woman compensation

Medical negligence solicitors for one London woman have been victorious in making sure the woman, who had been subject to a botched cosmetic procedure, will receive a substantial sum in personal injury compensation, experts recently reported.

Kensington native Charlotte Cripps, a writer living on Ladbroke Grove, agreed to undergo an Intense Pulsed Light procedure after a friend recommended it to her, according to accident claim experts familiar with the case. However, after the treatment, which is designed to smooth complexion, Ms Cripps fears she may have been scarred for life by the procedure.

Ms Cripps remarked in a recent interview with the BBC that she began to experience intense pain when the spa technician administering the treatment to her waved the IPL device over her chest and face.  The injured woman also remarked how painful and raw the red burn marks had been on her chest in the wake of the treatment, drawing similarities to livestock branded with a red hot iron.

Ms Cripps, a writer working for the Independent newspaper, made a personal injury compensation claim against the insurance company of the salon, with the end result being a sizable award rumoured to be in the five figures.  According to statements given by the arts writer, she states that supervision of those administering procedures such as IPL and Botox should be subject to legal regulation.

Heidi Worman, a paramedical cosmetic make-up expert, remarked that the deregulation of the laser and IPL industry was a step in what could very well prove to be the wrong path, commenting that protection to the public requires regulations being placed on these treatments.

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