Young woman wins her £9m car accident claim

After sustaining severe injuries to her brain from a RTA where a car struck her at the age of seven, one young woman has recently won her car accident claim to the tune of £9 million in damages.

Twenty three year old Norfolk native, Leigh Ann Blinkthorn, had been trying to cross the A1064 in Filby when she was struck by a car nearly sixteen years ago, according to the details of her personal injury claims.  Leigh Ann was struck with so much force that she was knocked into the air, causing her to fall into a deep coma from the life threatening injuries she suffered and requiring her to need constant care from two workers twenty four hours a day due to the severity of her injuries.

While the insurance company of the individual driving the car that struck Leigh Ann had been found liable eleven years ago, a personal injury compensation settlement has just now been reached.  The long delay was the result of changes to the extent of Leigh Ann’s care and also legal negotiations, the High Court was told.

Now, the seriously injured woman will be receiving a lump sum of £2,875,000, to be followed by index linked and tax free yearly payments of almost £192,000 in order to provide her the requisite care she needs for as long as she may live.  Industry experts have valued the entirety of the personal injury compensation package at more than £9 million.

Upon approval of the settlement, the Judge presiding on the compensation case lauded the young woman’s mother and father for their tireless devotion and care for their comatose daughter.

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