Legal bills of £60k for £500 accident claim cause stir

A veritable hornet’s nest has been stirred by the news of a £500 accident claim for a teacher that had suffered injuries while restraining a pupil came with legal fees of more than £60,000, personal injury compensation experts recently reported.

Injured man wins massive personal injury compensation claim

One 29 year old man who was seriously brain damaged during his birth has recently won a massive personal injury compensation claim for his birth complications on the grounds of medical negligence, legal experts recently reported.

HSE prosecutes steel firm after injuries of two workers

The Health and Safety Executive has prosecuted a world-wide steel firm after it was reported that two of its employees, which may go on to make accident claims against their employers, were crushed beneath a falling door at a Workington factory.

Paralysed car technician launches motor accident claim

After he was left with paralysis from the neck down from an RTA involving a high performance vehicle, one car technician is launching a motor accident claim against his former employers, experts say.

ABI says new OFT investigation could lead to reforms

A new investigation into personal injury claims stemming from car accidents being conducted by the Office of Fair Trading could lead to an opportunity to institute reforms to the legal system, the Association of British Insurers recently said.

Mother makes accident claim for son’s personal injury

One Gwent mother has recently made an accident claim for her son’s personal injury, when the six year old boy had a dry stone wall collapse upon him, receiving personal injury compensation on his behalf.

Personal injury solicitors consider external investment

One of the top 100 personal injury solicitor firms in the UK is considering external investment in the face of new regulations making it easier for legal firms to use external investors to raise capital, industry experts have recently reported.

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