Illegal road race spectators could make accident claims

Legal experts say that three illegal road race spectators could make accident claims for injuries they received while they watched the illegal activity.

Swansea’s Baglan Energy Park was the site of the incident this past January, on Central Avenue, where Michael Palumbo’s six-litre Pontiac was poised to race against Jia Guo’s BMW M3 in an illegal drag race, according to personal injury claims experts reporting for Wales Online.

As the drag race commenced, which was to be for the length of 200 metres, Jia Guo’s BMW slipped on the wet road and veered quickly to the left, jumping the kerb and colliding with several spectators that had gathered to watch the race, injuring three of them quite badly in the incident.

Spectators Marcus Bounds and Hugh Bevan sustained a broken leg and an injury to his back respectively, while their fellow spectator Sian Pimm sustained injuries to her face and leg that have left her with permanent scars.

Both Jia Guo and Michael Palumbo were taken before Swansea Crown Court for sentencing in relation to the incident, with the driver responsible for the injured spectators given a suspended jail sentence of 32 weeks after entering a plea of guilty for dangerous driving, and is facing both an 18 month suspension to his licence and community service for a term of 22 hours.  After entering a plea of guilty to driving carelessly, Mr Palumbo was given a fine of £605 by the Judge in the case, who recommended the three spectators to pursue personal injury compensation claims in civil cases against the two men, stating the injured trio had ‘cast iron’ cases.


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