Hampshire bakery worker may make work accident claim

One Hampshire bakery worker may be making a work accident claim following an incident where his fingers were crushed in a machine used for moulding dough, personal injury compensation experts recently reported.

The young teen, whose name has been withheld from the media due to privacy and legal concerns, had been employed at Hampshire-based Belinda’s Bakery, in Poulner, at the time of the incident.  According to accident claim experts with knowledge of the incident, the teenager’s hand was caught in the machine and pulled in by two rollers that had been powered up and operating, suffering severe crush-related injuries to his right hand and abrasions and cuts to two of his fingers on that hand.

The Government’s Health and Safety Executive investigated the cause of the young man’s injuries, discovering that there were no safety guards present at the time of the accident which would have prevented access to the moving parts of the machine.  In the aftermath of the young employee’s injuries, these safety guards have since been replaced.

Peter Ellis of Belinda’s Bakery, fifty eight years of age, admitted to breaching Health and Safety regulations in a recent hearing at Southampton Magistrates’ Court following a prosecution by the HSE.  Mr Ellis was given a fine of £500 and further instructed to pay a total of £300 court costs for neglecting to have the safety guards present on the dough moulding machine that injured his young worker.

The HSE inspector who prosecuted the case spoke after the hearing, remarking that while Mr Ellis had done the right thing by reinstalling the safety guard in the wake of the accident, his employee would never had been injured in the first place if the guard had not been removed in the first place.

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