Beware accident claims caused by Christmas trees this season

While the warning might seem a bit odd, personal injury compensation experts have recently warned against the dangerous situations that you can get in to as a result of Christmas trees – and how some could even lead to having to make an accident claim.

Despite their seemingly innocuous nature and how lovely they look all decorated and lit up, Christmas trees can be the cause of any number of accidents.  In fact, 2007 alone saw around 1,000 injuries, says the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, which included eyes injured by low-hanging pine branches as celebrants reached for their gaily wrapped presents on December 25th.

However, some personal injury claims caused by Christmas trees can be even more serious than a poke in the eye.  During the 2010 festive season, one man was injured while on holiday in the Czech Republic when a Christmas tree over 100 feet tall fell on him as he was visiting Prague, the country’s capital city – which led the Czech Supreme Court to award him £35,000 in compensatory damages.

Those pesky pines and ferocious firs are not just causing damage to people.  In fact, many insurers say that there are several claims made for damaged furniture at the hands of an improperly handled or a fallen tree.

These industry statistics have prompted experts to issue the warning about being careful with your Christmas decorations this year, cautioning people away from clambering over furniture to hang decorations or fairy lights.  Others may make the safer decision to use a ladder to reach the higher boughs, but still end up tumbling from them because they lean too far out or lose their balance.

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