Pensioner wins accident claim, nets £160k in compensation

£160,000 in personal injury compensation has been awarded to one pensioner, after he made an accident claim for suffering an injury to his leg so severe that it necessitated its amputation, legal experts have recently reported.

Personal injury claims experts writing for the Your Local Guardian newspaper recently reported that Mr Edward Tuffey, 67 years old, suffered the injuries in May of 2006 at the Suffolk Road Recreation Ground in Barnes while he was walking his dog.  Mr Tuffey fractured his leg after he fell into a ten inch deep hole, and the pensioner had to have a plate and pins surgically implanted into his leg in the wake of the incident as it healed.

Mr Tuffey’s doctors kept the 67 year old man’s leg in plaster for approximately 12 months in the hopes it would heal before discovering that he was suffering from an infection due to a failure in the metal insert, which had broken within his leg.  After taking legal advice, Mr Tuffey, who had been employed as a window cleaner before his retirement, brought an accident claim against Richmond Council, with the courts granting him the six figure compensation award for his pain and suffering.

Mr Tuffey’s compensation award will go towards providing him with the care he needs in order to live his life, yet the 67 year old pensioner said that he would give up the entire sum if he could instead have his leg back.  The former window cleaner commented on the traumatic nature of the entire ordeal, stating that it was exceedingly difficult to assign an arbitrary price to a lost body part.

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