Injured horse rider makes motorcycle accident claim

After a motorbike struck her horse and caused her to fall, one injured horse rider has made a motorcycle accident claim and looks poised to receive personal injury compensation for her pain and suffering.

In October 2006, when the incident occurred, Michaela Devereux had been in the New Forest riding her horse alongside her husband when the married couple came across a motorcycle rider that was traveling towards them from the opposite way, according to personal injury claims experts familiar with the accident.  However, while the rider was approaching them, Mrs Devereux says that they lost control of the motorbike, causing a collision with her horse, causing the animal to bolt upright and toss her down to the ground at its feet, with the woman suffering serious injuries to her head as she tumbled from the saddle.

However, the rider of the motorcycle has instead claimed that the horse simply took fright as he approached, refuting Mrs Devereux’s claim that the rider and bike struck the horse.  Unfortunately for the rider, a court hearing in the final days of October came to the conclusion that there was sufficient evidence to indicate a collision did indeed occur, according to a recent issue of the Horse and Hound, with further evidence suggesting that the motorcycle rider had been traveling at an excessive speed.

Due to this recent ruling, Mrs Devereux now stands to claim the entire amount of her personal injury compensation, since the courts have decided that the motorcycle rider will bear full and complete liability for the accident.

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