Injured woman pursues £100,000 work accident claim

One woman has decided to pursue a £100,000 work accident claim after she suffered a serious injury to her back while on the job, accident claim specialists recently reported.

Personal injury claims experts writing for the York Press newspaper recently said that fifty two year old Teresa Bialochleb suffered her injuries while she was employed at the York-based former Trebor Basset factory.  The injury, which occurred in January of 2006, left Ms Bialochleb unable to return to work for nearly six years.

According to her London Court of Appeal writ, the woman states that the severe injuries she sustained to her back were a direct result of being consistently instructed to lift and carry boxes that were altogether too heavy for her, causing her to strain herself.  In fact, in the incident that resulted in her injury, the fifty two year old woman claims that she had been carrying containers that weighed in excess of 15 kg for about four hours, adding that she has since become dependent on benefits in order to make ends meet.

The woman also claims that since the incident, she has found it to be a struggle to complete many day to day tasks.  Her injuries are so severe that she finds it nearly impossible to even do simple housework, she added.

This comes on the heels of a report by the Daily Telegraph that Sunwoo Chun, a costume designer with four years of experience in the Korean theatre, is pursuing a £300,000 compensation claim that left her with paralysis after a personal injury whilst on the job.

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