Northamptonshire woman wins £28k accident claim

After she took a nasty tumble at the airport that caused her to abandon her holiday plans, one Northamptonshire woman has recently won a £28,000 compensation award for the accident claim she made against Thomson Airways.

Daventry native Sheila Gilling, sixty nine years of age, fell down a flight of stairs headfirst as she was making her preparations to board her flight to Lanzarote, departing from Birmingham International Airport.  According to her personal injury claims, the woman sustained severe injuries in her tumble, which included a torn hamstring and a dislocated shoulder, and as a result she had no choice but to cancel her planned holiday abroad; her injuries were so severe that she missed work for a period of nine months as she recovered.

Personal injury compensation experts writing for the Northampton Chronicle newspaper reported that Mrs Gilling, who had been in the company of her husband at the time, had to make use of a temporary set of stairs situated between the plane and the boarding gate, but not only had the stairs been connected improperly, the hand-rail and the steps were wet because the roof had a leak.  The sixty nine year old decided to make her compensation claim after taking legal advice, and in a recent out of court settlement received a total of £28,000 for her pain and suffering.

One member of her legal team remarked that it was quite fitting that Mrs Gilling received the compensation, as she had to abandon her holiday plans and and also because she lost earnings as she made her recovery.

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